Timeshare Exit Team Is Hiding the Facts

Timeshare Exit Team claimed to have secured a “major win for consumers.” In fact, Timeshare Exit Team suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of a timeshare developer.

The “consumer advocates” at Timeshare Exit Team are afraid that their customers will learn how much money Timeshare Exit Team paid to settle a lawsuit with a major timeshare developer.

A Major Win for Consumers?

In February 2020, Timeshare Exit Team released a press release celebrating a “major win for consumers.”

The company’s years-long litigation with timeshare developer Orange Lake Country Club had finally ended. According to Timeshare Exit Team, Orange Lake had agreed to “take back” more than thirteen hundred timeshares from dissatisfied timeshare owners.

Timeshare Exit Team said that the case had “shined a light” on the unfair tactics of timeshare developers, and that Orange Lake had settled the case “in order to avoid an Orlando jury trial scheduled to begin that day.”

Timeshare Exit Team’s February 2020 press release describes the company as striking a blow for consumers against a major timeshare developer.

The Truth

Timeshare Exit Team paid money to a timeshare developer so that Timeshare Exit could avoid jury trial trial.

Timeshare Exit Team — a company that has described itself as having the capacity to “force” a timeshare developer to take back a consumer’s timeshare — paid money to a timeshare developer to avoid jury trial.

Unless the company has a source of income other than payments from customers, Timeshare Exit Team took money that frustrated timeshare owners had given the company to hold timeshare developers accountable, and Timeshare Exit Team then gave that money to a timeshare developer.

That’s right. After two and one-half years of litigation — having finally earned the right to hold a major timeshare developer accountable in a public courtroom — Timeshare Exit Team threw in the towel before the fight had even begun.

Timeshare Exit Team — fighting for timeshare owners

Then, the company tried to sell its beat-down that to customers and to the public as a “major win for consumers.” That takes chutzpah.

Hiding the Facts

On February 4, 2020, the Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Timeshare Exit Team, alleging that the company regularly violates the State Consumer Protection Act by engaging in forty-two separate unfair or deceptive trade practices.

On June 17, 2020, the Attorney General filed a motion asking the Court to authorize the State to disclose the sum of money that Timeshare Exit Team paid Orange Lake to avoid trial. The State takes the common-sense position that the public has the right to know how much a “timeshare-exit company” pays to avoid fights with timeshare developers.

The Court is scheduled to rule on the motion shortly after June 30, 2020. Check back at this blog for Timeshare Exit Team’s response.

The Attorney General is scheduled to deliver a knock-out blow to Timeshare Exit Team in August 2020. Check this blog regularly for updates.

Case Schedule

The Court will rule on the State’s motion to disclose the settlement amount sometime after June 30, 2020.

The State’s motion to shut down Timeshare Exit Team is currently scheduled to be heard on August 14, 2020.

Value to Clients

Firm founder David Hancock has been closely following the Orange Lake v. Timeshare Exit Team case since October 2019. Mr. Hancock knows the facts that are relevant to this case and to other cases involving Timeshare Exit Team and timeshare developers, and he uses his knowledge to effectively represent clients. See here, and here, and here, and here.

At Hancock.Law, we are loyal to our clients — and only to our clients. When we know facts relevant to the legal interests of our clients, we tell those facts to our clients.

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Author: David Hancock

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  1. Thank you for this info, My husband and I have been fighting/arguing with time share exit team to return or $5330 for the past two years. We know that we were lied to and taken advantage of just like the timeshare spinnaker resorts did in Hilton head South Carolina.

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