How Much Did Timeshare Exit Team Pay?

Timeshare Exit Team is trying to prevent its customers from learning the truth about its settlement with a major timeshare developer.

We expect that the settlement price between Timeshare Exit Team and Orange Lake Country Club will be notional. The settlement price might be as low as one dollar, or one dollar per Orange Lake customer who signed a contract with Timeshare Exit Team.

The settlement price will somehow be tied to an idea — to a notion.

For Orange Lake, this case was never about going to trial and securing a judgment against Timeshare Exit Team. This case was about beating on Timeshare Exit Team for two and one-half years, and then claiming a symbolic victory on the eve of trial.

For Orange Lake, the point of the case was to kick sand in Timeshare Exit Team’s face for two and one-half years — and to then demonstrate that the “consumer advocates” at Timeshare Exit Team are afraid to go to trial. Orange Lake accomplished its goals.

Attorney Fees

In a blog post we published in May 2020, we asked the following question: How much did this case cost?

Look at this court docket! It goes on and on . . . and on and on . . . and on and on. This case surely cost each side hundreds of thousands of dollars — likely millions of dollars — in attorney fees. Timeshare Exit Team was represented by six different lawyers, from three different law firms.

After imposing all those attorney fees and costs on Timeshare Exit Team, Orange Lake walked away from the case.

At Hancock.Law, we think that Orange Lake required only that Timeshare Exit Team acknowledge the beat-down. We think that the case likely ended in a notional settlement — a settlement representing the idea that Orange Lake had won and Timeshare Exit Team had lost.

To settle the case, Orange Lake likely required only that Timeshare Exit Team acknowledge that Orange Lake had won, and that Timeshare Exit Team had been afraid to fight.

Orange Lake had used its litigation with Timeshare Exit Team to demonstrate to the world that Timeshare Exit Team is afraid of timeshare developers. Orange Lake had used the litigation to expose Timeshare Exit Team as a weakling that is afraid to fight.

What did Timeshare Exit Team accomplish with the litigation? According to company founder and chief executive Brandon Reed, Timeshare Exit Team had secured “another major win for consumers.”

Of course, the company is now fighting to keep details about its “victory” from its own customers and from the broader public.

Check Back

Keep checking back at this blog. As soon as the settlement amount becomes public, we will let you know.

We will also be exposing other secrets that Timeshare Exit Team would rather prevent you from learning.

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Author: David Hancock

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