Timeshare Exit Team promised to fight for consumers. Instead, it gave their money to a timeshare developer.

Timeshare Exit Team paid Orange Lake Country Club $750,000.00 to avoid trial.

That is shocking.

Absolutely shocking.

This baby just found out that a consumer-advocacy group paid $750,000 to a timeshare developer — TO A TIMESHARE DEVELOPER! — on the eve of trial.

Reed Hein Refuses to Fight Back

After two and one-half years of litigation — on the eve of jury trial — Timeshare Exit Team folded. The company faced the prospect of a jury verdict requiring it to pay millions of dollars.

And nothing to gain. One of the many shocking things about this case is that Reed Hein never filed a counterclaim.

Reed Hein never alleged that Orange Lake unlawfully caused Reed Hein any type of harm whatsoever. On the eve of jury trial, Reed Hein had never asked to have the jury hold Orange Lake accountable to Reed Hein for anything.

During his deposition, Timeshare Exit Team founder Brandon Reed blamed timeshare developers over and over again for his company’s failures.

When Timeshare Exit Team’s lawyers and Orange Lake’s lawyers were preparing to tell their different sides of the case to the jury, Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team had accused Orange Lake of . . . nothing.

That is shocking.

This dog was shocked — SHOCKED — to learn that Timeshare Exit Team had failed to file any counterclaims against Orange Lake.
This dog knows that Timeshare Exit Team had the right to file counterclaims under Rule 13 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
This dog is a good boy.

High-Stakes Poker

In poker, you can only win the money that your opponent places in the middle of the table. If your opponent doesn’t bet the money, you cannot win the money.

Timeshare Exit Team allowed Orange Lake to sit at the poker table for two and one-half years, and never required Orange Lake to ante up.

Poker 101: Make sure that the other players are also gambling. If the other players have nothing to lose, you have nothing to gain.

Check Back

The Orange Lake settlement reveals fundamental problems with Timeshare Exit Team and the company’s entire business model. On this blog, we will be discussing different aspects of the settlement during the next several weeks. Check back regularly.

Value to Clients

If you have questions about your legal rights, schedule time with a lawyer who knows the facts of this case and who discloses the facts to his clients.

This blog post isn’t legal advice.
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