Reed Hein’s Vacation Club

Brandon Reed used money given to him by Timeshare Exit Team customers to build a “vacation club” — which he planned to sell to Timeshare Exit Team customers.

Dave Ramsey warns his listeners to stay away from vacation clubs, which he describes as nothing more than timeshares in disguise.

Ramsey also tells his listeners that they should “trust his friends at Timeshare Exit Team” if they want to terminate their timeshare obligations.

Mr. Ramsey should answer a few simple and straight-forward questions:

  • Why does his friend Brandon Reed own a vacation club named Salt & Sky?
  • Does Brandon Reed still plan to use the Timeshare Exit Team customer list to sell memberships in Salt & Sky?
Dave Ramsey meets with Brandon Reed — the owner of vacation club named Salt & Sky, and the owner of Timeshare Exit Team.

Vacation Clubs & Timeshares

In a July 2020 blog post, Dave Ramsey’s company Ramsey Solutions harshly criticizes vacation clubs — even going so far as to compare them to timeshares. “As bad as timeshares are,” Ramsey says, “vacation clubs aren’t any better.”

Members of vacation clubs pay an annual fee to get discounts on travel and lodging. It is a terrible deal, Ramsey warns: “By the time you get done paying the fees, there’s not much of a ‘discount’ left.”

Ramsey warns that some vacation clubs sell memberships by promising to get consumers out of their timeshares. “Don’t fall for it!” he says. “These clubs are just timeshares with slick new packaging and more traps to fall into.”

Dave Ramsey says that Timeshare Exit Team is “the best, most ethical company” in its industry. At Hancock.Law, we respectfully disagree.

Brandon Reed’s Vacation Club

In February 2018, Brandon Reed launched Salt & Sky, a vacation club that “believes in the restorative power of vacation.”

According to the club’s now-defunct website, Brandon Reed planned for Salt & Sky members to receive discounts on hotels, cruises, and flights. Members could also participate in a timeshare-exchange program.

Salt & Sky was a vacation club, with a black membership that cost $4,995.

Salt & Sky is a vacation club owned by Brandon Reed. Its “black membership” cost almost five thousand dollars.

For several months in 2018, former Timeshare Exit Team executive Scott Loughran was told to devote more than two-thirds of each working day to Salt & Sky. He was paid by Timeshare Exit Team.

The plan was to sell memberships in the club to customers of Timeshare Exit Team.

Scott Loughran worked at Timeshare Exit Team from 2015 through 2019.

That’s right. In exchange for a promise to terminate a consumer’s timeshare obligations, Timeshare Exit Team (a) took the consumer’s money, (b) used the money to develop a vacation club, and (c) planned to sell the consumer membership in the vacation club — for more money.

Dave Ramsey’s Explanation

Dave Ramsey warns his listeners and readers to stay away from both timeshares and vacation clubs, and he offers a specific warning about buying a membership in a vacation club based on a promise that the club will end a consumer’s timeshare obligations.

Sending left-to-right are (1) Thomas Parenteau, the former chief operating officer of Timeshare Exit Team, (2) Brandon Reed, and (3) Dave Ramsey. (4) Chris Holcomb is the director of Happy Hour Media Group, a marketing company owned by Brandon Reed.

The questions are obvious:

  • Why does Dave Ramsey endorse Timeshare Exit Team — a company that is owned by the same person who owns Salt & Sky Vacation Club?
  • Does Dave Ramsey know about Brandon Reed’s plan to use Timeshare Exit Team’s customer list to sell memberships in a vacation club — for five thousand dollars?

Value to Clients

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When we work with other law firms, we require a certification that the firm’s lawyers don’t have a financial interest in any timeshare developer or in any company that enforces timeshare debt.

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