Reed Hein & Customer Privacy

Timeshare Exit Team regularly hands over customer information — including audio recordings of telephone calls — to timeshare developers.

Reed Hein’s latest explanation for hiding the facts is the best yet: Reed Hein is refusing to disclose the names of its customers because . . .

. . . Reed Hein respects customer privacy.

In a pleading asking the Court to prohibit the Attorney General from publishing the names of five customers, Reed Hein argued that the customers may consider the publication of their names to be a “violation of their privacy.”

Reed Hein claims to be worried that timeshare developers might even use the names to locate and harass the five customers.  

Florida — Westgate v. Reed Hein

Timeshare developers already have Reed Hein customer information.

They got it from Reed Hein.

Consider Westgate Resorts. On October 7, 2019 — as part of litigation between Reed Hein and Westgate — Reed Hein disclosed more than eight hundred pages of customer information. A Reed Hein executive filed a declaration with the Court that contained hundreds of pages of customer names and email messages. According to the executive, the hundreds of pages were just the tip of the iceberg.

The executive testified that Reed Hein had handed over more than one million documents that Reed Hein had received from more than one thousand families.

Lawsuits and Subpoenas

Westgate used the information to send subpoenas to hundreds of the customers, compelling them to answer hours of questions about their relationships with Reed Hein. 

David Siegel is the CEO of Westgate Resorts. Reed Hein gave him the private information of 1,386 Reed Hein customers.

In another case, timeshare developer Orange Lake Country Club used the customer information that it had secured from Reed Hein to file lawsuits against eight customers

Keep checking this blog. If Reed Hein explains why it is protecting the privacy rights of five customers in a Seattle courthouse — after giving Westgate more than one million documents relating to 1,386 customers in a Florida courthouse— we will let you know. 


Reed Hein’s security measures for customer information.

The law requires Reed Hein to give customer information to timeshare developers for the same reason that the law forbids Reed Hein from giving payment advice: Reed Hein is not a law firm.

Hancock.Law is a law firm, and the attorney-client privilege protects client privacy.

This blog post isn’t legal advice.
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