Reed Hein Blames the Opponent

Brandon Reed blames Timeshare Exit Team’s failures on timeshare developers.

In December 2018, Timeshare Exit Team founder and chief executive officer Brandon Reed was asked to explain the value that Timeshare Exit Team delivers to its customers.

Mr. Reed explained that Timeshare Exit Team cannot deliver value to its customers — because timeshare developers refuse to cooperate.

You can read Brandon Reed’s five minutes of rambling nonsense at this link.

Later during the same deposition, timeshare lawyer Richard Epstein openly mocked Mr. Reed — by asking him to explain the basic economics of the timeshare industry.

  • Epstein: Have you ever read Art of War, by Sun Tzu?
  • Reed: No.
  • Epstein: The first rule: Know the enemy. So, you don’t know the economics of the timeshare industry that you’re attacking here?
  • Reed: I know enough. I know enough to — Yeah.
Richard Epstein represents multiple timeshare companies in litigation against Timeshare Exit Team.

Brandon Reed explained to Mr. Epstein that Timeshare Exit Team would successfully deliver value to its clients — if only Mr. Epstein would stop fighting back.

Brandon Reed’s “Expertise”

Brandon Reed is the founder and chief executive officer of a company that claims the ability to “force” a timeshare developer to “take back” a timeshare, and that guarantees a “timeshare exit” that is “safe and legal.”

Mr. Reed and his company have failed to deliver — to thousands of customers who have paid tens of millions of dollars.

Brandon Reed refuses to accept responsibility for his company’s failures. According to Brandon Reed, the real victim is Timeshare Exit Team — because timeshare developers fight back.

Round 1 – Orange Lake Country Club

In January 2020, Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team surrendered to timeshare developer Orange Lake Country Club. On the eve of jury trial, Timeshare Exit Team paid Orange Lake $750,000.

After waving the white flag of surrender, Timeshare Exit Team issued a press release, in which Brandon Reed described the loss as a “major win for consumers.”

Timeshare Exit Team’s plan of attack against Orange Lake: (1) Wave the white flag of surrender. (2) Claim victory.

Round 2 – Westgate Resorts

Timeshare Exit Team’t jury trial against Westgate Resorts is currently scheduled to begin in July 2021.

Timeshare Exit Team customers should hope that Brandon Reed has a better plan than waiting for Westgate to stop being mean. After all, Westgate is represented by . . .

. . . Richard Epstein — a lawyer who knows his enemy.

Timeshare developer Orange Lake Country Club extracted $750,000 from Timeshare Exit Team — without risking anything at trial. Timeshare Exit Team’s next scheduled trial is against Westgate Resorts in July 2021.
Will Brandon Reed and his company put up a fight this time?

Value to Clients

At Hancock.Law, we have a plan to deliver value to clients, and the plan doesn’t involve waiting for timeshare developers to start being nice.

Schedule a free consultation by clicking this link.

This blog post isn’t legal advice.
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Author: David Hancock

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  1. Yes sir. We paid over $6400 to Reed for nothing. They made empty promises by saying they were working on it. From a first payment of $1500 in April 2018 and making payments through December of that year, I was a fool to believe them. I basically live paycheck to paycheck living on Social Security so you see my dilemma of wanting out. I very much appreciated what you wrote about them. They are liers. Thank you.

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