Dave Ramsey Blames Others

Dave Ramsey refuses to answer the questions of the State of Washington’s chief law-enforcement officer.

Dave Ramsey never endorsed Timeshare Exit Team.

When he told his loyal listeners and readers that they should trust Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team with their money, Dave Ramsey wasn’t endorsing Timeshare Exit Team. The Lampo Group, LLC was endorsing Timeshare Exit Team.

Dave Ramsey was only promoting The Lampo Group’s endorsement. When Dave Ramsey assured his followers that he had “personally vetted” Timeshare Exit Team, he was speaking only in his capacity as the chief executive officer of The Lampo Group.

Dave Ramsey’s lawyer argued to the Washington State Attorney General that Dave Ramsey never endorsed Timeshare Exit Team.

At least, that is the argument made by the Tennessee lawyer who is currently trying to prevent the State of Washington from forcing Ramsey to answer questions.

Ramsey Passes the Buck

President Harry S. Truman famously had a sign on his desk stating “The Buck Stops Here!” At Dave Ramsey’s workplace, a similar sign apparently sits on the desk of . . . someone other than Dave Ramsey.

If the the State of Washington has any questions about Lampo’s endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team, Ramsey’s lawyer argues, the State should speak with the Lampo employee who was “responsible” for the “content of endorsement” that Ramsey himself read aloud, on-air.

That is a remarkable confession: Dave Ramsey’s position is that someone else is responsible for the message that he communicates to his millions of loyal listeners.

That is also a remarkable approach for Ramsey to adopt toward personal responsibility: Ramsey argues that he isn’t personally responsible for the words that come out of his mouth.

Ramsey vs. Ramsey

In the video below, Dave Ramsey criticizes those radio hosts who will say “just about anything” about “just about any product or service,” so long as they are paid “the right price.” He describes their conduct as “disturbing.”

According to Ramsey, his company is “constantly bombarded with ads that promise big things but don’t deliver.”

Ramsey assures his listeners that he will never promote such a company. “I personally take the companies that I endorse so very seriously,” he says.

Dave Ramsey criticizes radio hosts who endorse companies that fail to deliver on their promises.

Ramsey ends the video by extolling the importance of character. He claims that he endorses only people of strong character: “We all know at the end of the day, it is character that matters.”

Straight Talk

Dave Ramsey said that he “personally takes the companies that he endorses so very seriously.”

Based on his lawyer’s arguments, it seems that Ramsey’s listeners should interpret his statement to mean the following:

“While acting in my capacity as chief executive officer of The Lampo Group, LLC — and without assuming any personal responsibility or offering my own personal endorsement — I promote The Lampo Group’s endorsement of companies, by reading aloud words that my employees have composed for me to read.”

I personally take my reading assignments so very seriously.”

Ramsey should clarify to his listeners and readers. When he told them they should “trust his friends at Timeshare Exit Team,” was he speaking in his personal capacity? Was Dave Ramsey “endorsing” Timeshare Exit Team?

Or, was Ramsey speaking in his professional capacity and merely “promoting” the endorsement of The Lampo Group, LLC?

To be accurate, this ad should say, “Trusted by The Lampo Group, LLC.”
Instead of “Hear it directly from him,” it should say, “Hear it directly from the chief executive officer of The Lampo Group — speaking only in his professional capacity and without offering an endorsement of Reed Hein in his personal capacity.”

Accountability for Words

The Bible makes it clear that each person is responsible for the words that he or she speaks.

“I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. / For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” Matthew 12:36–37.

Dave Ramsey regularly quotes the Bible when giving financial advice to his readers and listeners.

In my copy of the Bible, Jesus didn’t continue to say, “except insofar as thy words are spoken in thy professional capacity.”

Loyalty to Clients

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