Dave Ramsey & the Memory Hole

Dave Ramsey is trying to pretend that he never endorsed Timeshare Exit Team.

Judging from the Ramsey Solutions website, Dave Ramsey has nothing to do with Timeshare Exit Team.

Take a look: There isn’t a single mention of Timeshare Exit Team or Ramsey’s endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team. Judging from the website, Dave Ramsey doesn’t endorse Timeshare Exit Team today, and he didn’t endorse Timeshare Exit Team in past.

Timeshare Exit Team is no longer among Ramsey’s trusted providers. Ramsey’s blog posts about timeshares no longer end with an endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team.

All information about Timeshare Exit Team is gone from the Ramsey website — tossed down the memory hole.

The Ministry of Truth

In other news, chocolate rations are going up, and Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, Oceania resident Winston Smith works as one of the many faceless bureaucrats at the Ministry of Truth. Winston’s job is to erase certain facts from the historical record and to substitute other “facts” that are more convenient for the Party. After Winston makes the necessary substitution, he throws the old, inconvenient facts down the memory hole.

Winston Smith works at the Oceania Ministry of Truth — under the constant supervision of Big Brother. In this clip, Winston “corrects” past newspaper articles to say that the Party had always anticipated a reduction in chocolate rations.

Winston’s job is to “correct” newspapers and magazine articles from the past:

As short a time ago as February, the Ministry of Plenty had issued a promise (a “categorical pledge” were the official words) that there would be no reduction of the chocolate ration during 1984. Actually, as Winston was aware, the chocolate ration was to be reduced from thirty grams to twenty at the end of the present week.
All that was needed was to substitute for the original promise a warning that it would probably be necessary to reduce the ration at some time in April.

Big Brother supervises Winston’s work.

It is that easy.

The Ministry of Truth has built a system of pneumatic tubes throughout the building, and all of them lead to a furnace in the building’s basement. To forever erase a fact from human history, Winston just opens a tube and places a scrap of paper near the opening. The air pressure does the rest.

Winston and his co-workers call the openings memory holes.

A Reputable Company?

On February 4, 2020, the Washington State Attorney General filed a complaint charging Timeshare Exit Team with forty-two violations of Consumer Protection Act, nine violations of the Debt Adjusting Act, and five violations of the Credit Services Organization Act.

For more than a year after the State of Washington alleged that Timeshare Exit Team was regularly cheating tens of thousands of working-class and middle-class consumers across North America, Dave Ramsey continued to recommend the company to his listeners and readers.

Until March 2021, Ramsey’s website recommended Timeshare Exit Team as a reputable company.

When Dave Ramsey described Timeshare Exit Team as a reputable company, the Better Business Bureau had given the company an F-grade and stripped its accreditation. The Washington State Attorney General had filed a lawsuit against the company.

In what world is that a reputable company?

Personal Responsibility?

A few months ago, Dave Ramsey erased of all mention of Timeshare Exit Team from the Ramsey Solutions website.

Ramsey didn’t apologize to the people who have lost money to Timeshare Exit Team. He didn’t explain why he had continued to endorse the company after the appearance of multiple red flags — especially the State of Washington’s lawsuit. He didn’t identify any particular event that had finally caused him to re-evaluate his relationship with Timeshare Exit Team.

Ramsey didn’t offer any explanation whatsoever.

Ramsey didn’t even announce the change.

Apparently, Dave Ramsey thinks he can just toss Timeshare Exit Team down the memory hole.

An employee of Ramsey Solutions — working under the constant supervision of Dave Ramsey — edits the company website to eliminate all reference to Timeshare Exit Team and Brandon Reed.
Oops. My mistake: This is another clip of Winston Smith — working under the constant supervision of Big Brother — at the Oceania’s Ministry of Truth.

Loyalty to Clients

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