Dave Ramsey Throws a Temper Tantrum

Dave Ramsey enriched himself by cheating tens of thousands of consumers. Now, he is angry that people are demanding accountability.

In a temper tantrum that he claims to have been viewed by more than twenty million people, Dave Ramsey responded to a question that was apparently posed to him by reporters associated with the nationally syndicated television program Inside Edition.

Ramsey has refused to answer the questions of the State of Washington’s chief law-enforcement officer. He has refused to sit for an on-camera interview with a journalist. He has refused to address or even acknowledge the questions posed to him on this blog.

On May 21, 2021, Ramsey finally responded to one question posed by one reporter.

First, though, Dave Ramsey threw a temper tantrum.

Accountability to Others

Dave Ramsey is very mad that reporter Lisa Guerrero “ambushed” him in a hotel in Dallas to get some answers. “You ought to know better than that,” Ramsey whines in the video below. “That was so low-class.

Dave Ramsey attacks the people who dared to demand answers about his endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team.

What question did Guerrero ask Ramsey? Did she ask him low-class questions about his religious convictions or family life? Did she ask a scummy question about Ramsey’s private sexual behavior?

No, of course not. More than one year after the Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Timeshare Exit Team alleging that the company regularly cheats Ramsey’s own listeners and readers, Lisa Guerrero had the unmitigated gall to ask Dave Ramsey the following question:

Why do you endorse Timeshare Exit Team?

Reporter Lisa Guerrero had the nerve to ask Dave Ramsey why he endorses a company that has cheated his listeners and readers out of tens of millions of dollars. According to Ramsey, she is therefore “low class.”


After labeling reporter Guerrero low-class because she asked him to explain his endorsement, Dave Ramsey resorted to two tactics that he and Timeshare Exit Team will deploy again and again: (1) Attack the personal integrity of the person asking questions. (2) Attack the timeshare industry.

According to Ramsey, the State of Washington filed its lawsuit against Timeshare Exit Team because Attorney General Robert Ferguson was paid by timeshare developers. Ramsey also alleges that Inside Edition produced its segment on Ramsey because Lisa Guerrero was paid by timeshare developers.

When the State of Washington goes to trial against Timeshare Exit Team, Robert Ferguson and his deputy attorneys general will produce evidence of consumer fraud. When Inside Edition airs its report about Timeshare Exit Team, the program will produce evidence of consumer fraud.

This blog has produced evidence that Dave Ramsey conspired with a debt collector to cheat his own followers.

If Dave Ramsey has evidence to support his allegations, he should produce the evidence.

Decisions & Consequences

It is entirely unsurprising that reporters and law-enforcement officers are demanding answers from Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey enriched himself by cheating the very listeners and readers who trust him. Some Ramsey listeners took out second mortgages on their homes. Some readers withdrew funds from their retirement accounts. Many of Ramsey’s victims are vulnerable adults.

Now, Ramsey is attacking the personal integrity of a reporter because she dared to ask him a simple question?

In his books, Ramsey regularly quotes the Book of Proverbs.

King Solomon warned of consequences for those people who pretend that evil is righteousness: “He that saith unto the wicked, Thou are righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him[.]” Proverbs 24:24.

Respectfully, what did Dave Ramsey think would happen when his listeners and readers learned that he and Brandon Reed had cheated them out of their money?

Dave Ramsey regularly quotes the Bible when giving financial advice to his readers and listeners.

They are going to be angry — and they are going to ask questions.

Ramsey should start giving answers.

Loyalty to Clients

If you were cheated by Timeshare Exit Team, you need a lawyer who is loyal to his clients. If you want to speak with a lawyer who takes seriously his duty of undivided loyalty, click this link. The consultation is free.

This blog post isn’t legal advice.
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Author: David Hancock

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11 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey Throws a Temper Tantrum”

  1. Timeshares are bad and you aren’t going to convince us to get one, so get another job. It’s over for you pack it up

  2. Lawyers…I’ll stick with Dave who helps people unlike people like you who screw them over.

  3. Ramsey is adamently against taking money money out of retirement accounts or getting a second mortgage. If someone did that, they weren’t a “listener” at all. And don’t play the victim card. Listening to his radio show for 1 hour, you will hear numerous people looking for advise to get themselves out of debt, mostly due to lack of knowledge or self control. Regarding the reporter, why should he have to answer her questions just because she asked? It wasn’t a scheduled interview. She was rude to approach him like that. And if a consumer feels a timeshare purchase was unwise, why can’t they get out of it? You can sell your house, car, other property so why not a timeshare? Someone needs to help them get out of it. And, btw, if getting out of a timeshare is that difficult it probably is a bad thing to get in to.

    1. you seem to be a perpetrator of the same deflection tactics that Dave Ramsey uses. It’s not a matter of whether timeshares are good or bad. These people are already in their timeshares. Dave proposes to help them exit their timeshares by conspiring with TET to take his listeners money and offer nothing in return. Since Uncle Dave was receiving 1 million a month from these crooks and he knew it ws a scam for years, he should be required to return the money he received from TET to the victims. Dave will do anything and promote anything for a buck. It makes it worse when he claims that his whole business is based on his unwavering christianity.. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m hanging with Dave. He’s helped me way more than Inside Edition. Listening to him has changed my money mindset, I’m wasting less, saving more, getting my debt paid off and investing more with his advice. Reporters like Guerrero want to instigate conflict for views.

  5. As a retired tax accountant, I saw many clients who had a timeshare hanging around their necks like an albatross. I would never so much as enter a room where a timeshare presentation was being held. The timeshare industry should be ashamed. I don’t like Dave Ramsey’s Christianity, but being debt-free would help so many Americans! Getting out of a timeshare contract would be a good move in that direction.

  6. Yeah, listen to a Lawyer or Dave Ramsey who has morals. Ridiculous rip off timeshares. High pressure sales and coercion. No thanks

    Get ‘em Dave

  7. You obviously don’t know the difference between a ‘temper tantrum’ and a scolding! Dave Ramsey just reprimanded the crap out of you all using facts! LOL

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