Dave Ramsey’s Debt

Dave Ramsey seems to think that he gets to keep the millions of dollars he took by endorsing a vast consumer fraud.

Dave Ramsey owes tens of millions of dollars.

To tens of thousands of creditors.

Right now, Ramsey seems to be taking the position that he will fail to honor his financial obligations.

Ramsey Takes Credit

On Friday, May 21, 2021, Ramsey announced to the world that he is the person responsible for introducing Timeshare Exit Team to consumers across North America. “To say that their business exploded — when I came on the air and told people that Timeshare Exit Team will get you out of your timeshare — is an understatement,” Ramsey said.

Dave Ramsey claims the credit for introducing tens of thousands of consumers to the vast consumer fraud known as “Timeshare Exit Team.”

Ramsey said that Timeshare Exit Team was only a small regional company before he endorsed the company on his radio program and at Financial Peace University.

Incredibly, Dave Ramsey is saying that most of Timeshare Exit Team’s victims only heard about the company in the first place because of his efforts. Dave Ramsey is taking credit for his role in a vast consumer fraud that will leave tens of thousands of working-class and middle-class people cheated out of tens of millions of dollars.

Thanks to Dave Ramsey, Timeshare Exit Team has victims across North America.

Ramsey’s Definition of Success

Dave Ramsey described Timeshare Exit Team as “successful.” Ramsey also said that Timeshare Exit Team is “running out of money.”

Dave Ramsey’s definition of a “successful company.”

Ramsey explained why (a) a successful company (b) finds itself without any money:

Ramsey says that Timeshare Exit Team inflicted so much pain on the timeshare industry that major timeshare developers fought back against the company.

Think about that: Dave Ramsey is arguing that Timeshare Exit Team’s failure is the fault of the timeshare developers — because they resisted Timeshare Exit Team’s efforts. Timeshare Exit Team founder Brandon Reed made the same argument.

How did Dave Ramsey and Brandon Reed expect timeshare developers to react to their efforts? With warm thanks? With hugs and kisses?

In January 2021, Timeshare Exit Team claimed to have secured a “major win” for consumers against major timeshare developer Orange Lake Country Club. Dave Ramsey surely knows that Timeshare Exit Team actually suffered a humiliating defeat.

Ramsey’s Massive Debt

Dave Ramsey explicitly claimed credit for the vast sums of revenue Timeshare Exit Team has generated. Ramsey said that after he endorsed the company, Timeshare Exit Team’s revenue “sky-rocketed.”

Timeshare Exit Team has one source of revenue — advance fees paid by consumers. Under Timeshare Exit Team’s business model, consumers pay before receiving the promised service, based on Reed Hein’s promise that the company will earn the fee by delivering the service over time. If Reed Hein cannot deliver on the promised service, the company offers a one-hundred-percent money-back guarantee.

Dave Ramsey announced to the world that Timeshare Exit Team is “going out of business” because it is “running out of money.” If Timeshare Exit Team goes out of business tomorrow, it will close its doors without having earned the fees it charged to tens of thousands of customers. Those customers will have paid a fee for a service that Timeshare Exit Team failed to deliver.

If Timeshare Exit Team runs out of money tomorrow, tens of thousands of customers will be left with a one-hundred-percent money-back guarantee without any money to back it.

For the consumers cheated by Timeshare Exit Team, the questions are obvious:

  • What happened to the money they paid?
  • Who else benefited from this scam?
What is the value of a “money-back guarantee” without any money to back it?

Ramsey Got Paid

Immediately after taking credit for Timeshare Exit Team’s “success,” and then saying that Timeshare Exit Team is “running out of money,” Dave Ramsey said that he is sitting in a building that is worth three hundred million dollars, which he owns free and clear.

Ramsey bragged that he is “neck deep in cash.”

Dave Ramsey says that he has enough real-estate equity and cash to make whole all the people whom he victimized by endorsing Timeshare Exit Team.

Dave Ramsey got some of that cash from Timeshare Exit Team.

Ramsey constructed some part of that building, and purchased some part of the land beneath it, with money from Timeshare Exit Team.

Victims of Timeshare Exit Team paid for this building.

By predicting that Timeshare Exit Team will go out of business — while it owes tens of millions of dollars in one-hundred-percent money-back guarantees to tens of thousand of consumers — Dave Ramsey just gave a working definition of vast consumer fraud:

The faces of a vast consumer fraud.

vast consumer fraud: (n) 1. A company that charges its customers an advance fee for services, only to declare bankruptcy while owing tens of millions of dollars for undelivered services. 2. Reed Hein & Associates, LLC, d.b.a. “Timeshare Exit Team.” See also Ramsey, Dave; Reed, Brandon.

Right now, Dave Ramsey seems to be taking the position that he earned money by endorsing Timeshare Exit Team.

Ramsey should explain his position: Why should he be allowed to keep the money he received by referring his followers to a vast consumer fraud?

Because Lisa Guerrero is low-class?

Because Mike Flaskey was mean to Ramsey on twitter?

Because timeshare developers are bad?

Accountability for Dave Ramsey

Happy Hour Media Group is a marketing company owned by Brandon Reed — the owner of Timeshare Exit Team.
Court filings suggest that payments for Ramsey’s endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team were made by Happy Hour Media Group.

The most obvious question for Dave Ramsey to answer: (1) How much money did he receive from Timeshare Exit Team?

Ramsey should include all money he received from Happy Hour Media Group in his answer. He should provide the information by year, as part of a full accounting of his relationship with Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team. Ramsey should be fulsome and honest with his followers.

The next questions are equally obvious:

(2) Will Dave Ramsey disgorge into trust — for the benefit of Timeshare Exit Team’s victims — all money he received from Timeshare Exit Team?

(3) If not, why not?

Employees relax in a comfortable and luxurious building that Ramsey purchased with money that Ramsey took by participating in a vast consumer fraud.

Those three questions really amount to one question: Will Dave Ramsey accept personal accountability for his endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team?

Ramsey will answer that question soon enough.

Loyalty to Clients

Since January 2020, this firm has been fighting to hold Timeshare Exit Team accountable.

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