Dave Ramsey & Character

Dave Ramsey is willing to ignore extramarital sex and perjury — so long as he benefits financially.

According to Dave Ramsey, one of the core values of Ramsey Solutions is righteous living, which means that “character matters — all the time.”

Because of this core value, Ramsey Solutions claims the right to fire a long-time employee who became pregnant while unmarried.

That core value doesn’t prevent Ramsey from endorsing Timeshare Exit Team — a company led by a man who has had extramarital encounters with multiple female employees.

One of Ramsey’s fourteen stated core values.

All the Time?

If character matters all the time, and if people of good character never engage in extramarital sex, Dave Ramsey should explain to his listeners and readers why he has continued to do business with Brandon Reed — the founder and chief executive officer of Timeshare Exit Team.

After all, Ramsey has regularly assured his followers that he will only endorse companies led by people of good character. “At the end of the day,” Ramsey said, “it’s character that matters.”

Dave Ramsey promises that he only endorses companies led by people of good character.

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed stands credibly accused of cheating tens of thousands of working-class and middle-class consumers across North America — many of whom turned to Timeshare Exit Team for help because they trusted Dave Ramsey.

Character matters: Brandon Reed and Dave Ramsey.

Brandon Reed also stands credibly accused of having multiple extramarital affairs with female employees. In 2018, Reed settled a sexual-harassment case with his former director of human resources.

On these facts, Ramsey Solutions should worry less about the private sexual behavior of administrative assistant Caitlin O’Connor and more about the greed of company founder and president Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey Endorses Extramarital Sex

According to his own sworn testimony, Brandon Reed has engaged in extramarital sex with multiple female employees. In fact, Reed impregnated a female employee. Reed testified during a December 2018 deposition:

  • Epstein: On how many occasions did you develop a personal relationship with employees? Female employees. 
  • Reed: Yeah, I would say a handful, a few. 
  • Epstein: And there was one occasion where you fathered a child?
  • Reed: That is correct.

Dave Ramsey Endorses Sexual Harassment

Timeshare Exit Team’s former director of human resources Tanya Freeman filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team in August 2017. She alleged that Reed sexually harassed her and other employees, and that Reed’s pervasive sexual harassment created a hostile work environment.

According to Freeman’s complaint, Brandon Reed had sex with approximately five female employees (by 2016), and he regularly gave preferential treatment to the employees who accepted his sexual advances. Pregnant employees were particularly offended by Reed’s behavior, Freeman alleged, because they were forced to witness the preferential treatment received by the employee who was pregnant with Brandon Reed’s child.

Dave Ramsey Endorses Lying

In July 2018, Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team settled Freeman’s lawsuit — on terms that required a confidential settlement payment.

In December 2018, Reed testified — under oath — that he had never been sued for sexual harassment:

  • Epstein: Did any of those women sue the company?
  • Reed: No.

. . .

  • Epstein: There was never any sexual harassment or hostile work environment or that type of claim that resulted from that?
  • Reed: No.
Five months after paying money to settle this lawsuit, Brandon Reed testified that neither he nor his company had ever been sued for sexual harassment.

Caitlin O’Connor

Dave Ramsey fired Caitlin O’Connor because she had sex with her committed partner while in the privacy or her own home.
Brandon Reed had extramarital sex with multiple subordinate female employees; he received Dave Ramsey’s enthusiastic endorsement

Caitlin O’Connor worked at Dave Ramsey’s company for more than four years — from February 2016 through June 2020. She was an administrative assistant in the information-technology department. She had sex with her committed partner while in the privacy of her own home, and she became pregnant.

On June 18, 2020, O’Connor sent an email message to the company’s human-resources manager, informing him that she was twelve weeks pregnant and requesting information about medical leave.

She wrote the following: “I need to let you know that I’m twelve weeks pregnant. I understand that being unmarried and pregnant is frowned on here, but the reality of the situation is this is what I’m walking through right now. This is obviously uncharted territory for me so I’m not sure what my next steps are regarding sharing the news with my leader[.]”

Members of the Ramsey leadership team circulated the email message amongst themselves. One member criticized O’Connor’s email message as “totally classless.” O’Connor was required to attend a meeting with company leadership to explain her behavior. Two days later, she was fired.

Character Matters?

When a four-year employee of Ramsey Solutions reached out for help because she was pregnant, she was promptly fired. Presumably, Ramsey left her without the health insurance she planned to use for pre-natal care, and without the income she planned to use for the support of her child. In the Tennessee community in which she lives and in which Ramsey exercises enormous influence, she was labeled a  person of low character

  • What motivations does this create for an unmarried woman who becomes pregnant while working at Ramsey Solutions?
  • Doesn’t this make it more likely that a future employee who finds herself in O’Connor’s circumstances will terminate her pregnancy?

Brandon Reed and Timeshare Exit Team have benefited from Dave Ramsey’s endorsement for more than five years. During that time, Brandon Reed had extramarital sex with multiple female employees. He created a hostile work environment for other female employees. He lied under oath about allegations of sexual harassment.

When the State of Washington accused Brandon Reed of cheating tens of thousands of working-class and middle-class consumers across North America, Dave Ramsey rushed to his defense. Without conducting any type of meaningful investigation into the State’s allegations, Ramsey insisted to his listeners and readers that Timeshare Exit Team was deserving of their trust.

  • What message does this send to the leaders of the other companies that Ramsey endorses?
  • Why wouldn’t they conclude that Ramsey is willing to conspire with them to cheat his own listeners and readers — so long as Ramsey gets paid?

The Measure of Character

Far more troubling than the sexual behavior of Ramsey employees while they are in the privacy of their own homes is Dave Ramsey’s endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team — a company that has cheated tens of thousands of middle-class and working-class consumers out of tens of millions of dollars.

Dave Ramsey will likely regret having judged his employees so harshly. “With what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matthew 7:2.

If the punishment for extramarital sex is loss of employment and social exclusion, what is the punishment for enriching yourself by cheating tens of thousands of working people out of their money?

Dave Ramsey regularly quotes the Bible when giving financial advice to his readers and listeners.

Ramsey should publicly explain the measure by which he intends to hold himself accountable.

Loyalty to Clients

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