Dave Ramsey’s Word Is Worthless

Dave Ramsey continued to endorse Timeshare Exit Team even after he knew about the company’s many problems.

Until March 5, 2021, Dave Ramsey enthusiastically endorsed Timeshare Exit Team on his company’s website.

Today, Ramsey says that Timeshare Exit Team took customers’ money in exchange for a service that it will never provide.

Why did Ramsey conceal the truth from his followers until March 2021? What does he have to say to a Ramsey follower who gave Timeshare Exit Team thousands of dollars — if not tens of thousands of dollars — in February 2021?

Ramsey’s Endorsement

Until March 5, 2021 Ramsey’s website told readers that the only way to terminate their timeshare obligations is to “work with a trustworthy company like Timeshare Exit Team.” The website described Timeshare Exit Team as a “reputable company.”

Readers of Ramsey’s website could complete a form that sent their contact information directly to Timeshare Exit Team — all from Ramsey’s own website.

This form appeared on the Ramsey website until March 5, 2021.

Ramsey Changes His Mind

On June 3, 2021, Dave Ramsey flatly criticized Timeshare Exit Team.

Ramsey also confessed that he has known about the company’s problems for a long time.

Ramsey said that the company is struggling financially — to the point that it cannot afford to advertise on his program.

Ramsey said that Timeshare Exit Team regularly failed to return customer telephone calls and provide updates. Finally, Ramsey said that Timeshare Exit Team is an imperfect company that “did not do a stellar job.”

Ramsey also said that he has known about Timeshare Exit Team’s problems for a long time. He said that Ramsey Solutions regularly received complaints about the company’s poor customer service, and that he spoke with Brandon Reed about the company’s failures. In fact, Ramsey said that his company provided leadership training to Timeshare Exit Team executives.

Dave Ramsey and Timeshare Exit Team founder and chief executive Brandon Reed

Ramsey’s criticisms followed a May 20, 2021 rant, in which he said that Timeshare Exit Team is “running out of money.”

Ramsey’s Word

If a consumer had reviewed Dave Ramsey’s website on March 4, 2021, he or she would have seen that Ramsey endorses Timeshare Exit Team, and that Ramsey described the company as “trustworthy” and “reputable.”

At the time Dave Ramsey was vouching for Timeshare Exit Team, he knew that the company regularly failed in basic customer service. He knew that the company was “imperfect,” and that it did a “less-than-stellar job.”

Ramsey knew about Timeshare Exit Team’s financial difficulties — assuming that “leadership training” involves a discussion of books and records.

Ramsey also knew that the company had been sued by the Washington State Attorney General in February 2020, for multiple ongoing violations of the State Consumer Protection Act.

Dave Ramsey Is Untrustworthy

Dave Ramsey has promised his followers that they can trust his recommendations, and that he personally takes an endorsement “so very seriously.” Ramsey says that he would never recommend a company to his followers unless he would recommend the company to his best friend.

Ramsey says that he only recommends companies led by people of good character. “At the end of the day,” he says, “it’s character that matters.”

In fact, Dave Ramsey recommended that his followers give their money to a company that he knew to provide poor customer service, that he knew to be in financial difficulties, and that he knew to stand accused by law enforcement of cheating its own customers.

Presumably, Ramsey also knew about Brandon Reed’s inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

On these facts, the conclusion is unavoidable — Dave Ramsey is untrustworthy, and Ramsey’s word is worthless.


Dave Ramsey will have to answer for his words.

The State of Washington is currently demanding that he answer questions, and Ramsey is trying to avoid the accountability that comes with a deposition. Ramsey has even gone so far as to argue that he has never endorsed Timeshare Exit Team, and that he isn’t responsible for the words that he speaks on air.

Earthly law is imperfect, and Ramsey is wealthy and powerful. His attempts to avoid legal accountability might work.

Ramsey cannot avoid accountability forever.

The Book of Revelation describes the day of judgment: “[T]he books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” Revelation 20:12 (emphasis added).

Dave Ramsey regularly quotes the Bible when giving financial advice to his readers and listeners.


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  1. Dave Ramsey’s show is a 3 hour long informercial for his books and services. He never really fooled me with his folksy, Southern hick radio character.

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