William Weinstein

Timeshare Exit Team chose a debt collector to represent thousands of consumers who are in debt to timeshare developers.

William Weinstein

William Weinstein is Brandon Reed’s lawyer of choice to represent thousands of middle-class and working-class consumers across North America.

Starting in May 2019, Timeshare Exit Team referred all customers who required legal services to one law firm: Granite Spire Law Group. According to Reed, Granite Spire’s only owner is William Weinstein.

Granite Spire’s website nowhere mentions William Weinstein. The website says that the firm’s only founder is a different lawyer — Colin George.

William Weinstein

William Weinstein is an unlikely consumer advocate.

Weinstein has made a vast fortune as a consumer debt collector

Weinstein is the owner of Weinstein &  Riley, a Seattle-based law firm that represents many of the nation’s largest banks, credit unions, and other consumer lenders.

Weinstein is also the owner of Oak Harbor Capital, LLC — a hedge fund that manages approximately $600 million in assets, and that has a “primary investment focus” on consumer debt. 

Granite Spire Law Group

William Weinstein and Colin George founded Ardent Law Group in March 2019.

They changed the name of the firm to Granite Spire Law Group in January 2020.

During a December 2019 deposition, Timeshare Exit Team founder and chief executive Brandon Reed testified that he met William Weinstein in Spring 2019, after he requested that his lawyer find “an attorney that could really help us and really buy into what it is that we do, and that can really help our customers, and that had experience.”

According to Reed, his lawyer recommended the services of William Weinstein.

Starting in May 2019, Timeshare Exit Team began referring all customers in need of legal representation to Granite Spire. According to Reed, Timeshare Exit Team referred four hundred to five hundred files per month to Granite Spire, and paid Granite Spire somewhere between one-half million dollars and one million dollars per month in attorney fees.

At all times, Brandon Reed understood Granite Spire to have one owner: William Weinstein.

Colin George

Colin George

Granites Spire’s website gives all the credit for the firm’s founding to Colin George.

According to the website, “Colin founded Granite Spire Law Group in 2019 to provide the highest quality legal representation to consumers who are the victims of unethical timeshare developers.”

Incredibly, Granite Spire’s website says that the firm was founded to help people who have been treated unfairly by debt collectors, and other companies that have harmed working families.

Nowhere does the website mention William Weinstein.

Nowhere does the website mention that Weinstein has accumulated his vast fortune as a consumer debt collector.

Nowhere does the website mention that Weinstein’s law firm Weinstein & Riley regularly represents some of the nation’s largest banks and other consumer lenders.

Nowhere does the website mention Weinstein’s hedge fund Oak Harbor Capital, nor the fact that Oak Harbor Capital manages investment funds with consumer-debt holdings of approximately $600 million.

Brandon Reed

During his December 2019 deposition, Brandon Reed discussed the level of care he exercised when selecting a lawyer to represent Timeshare Exit Team’s tens of thousands of customers:

  • Cummings: Are you familiar that [Weinstein & Riley] is what we call a debt-collection firm?
  • Reed: Yes.
  • Cummings: Okay. Isn’t that a little incongruent for [Timeshare Exit Team] to use a debt-collection law firm when it used to refer to itself a consumer protection firm?
  • Reed: I don’t think so, no.
  • Cummings: You don’t have a problem being associated indirectly with a company like that?
Brandon Reed chose the lawyer who represents thousands of consumers across North America.
  • Reed: Not at all.


(1) Why did Brandon Reed select William Weinstein as the ideal lawyer to represent thousands of consumers across North America?

(2) Why does Granite Spire Law Group’s website fail to discuss William Weinstein’s role in the firm?

(3) Why is Colin George identified as Granite Spire’s only founder on the firm’s website?

(4) Why was Dave Ramsey meeting with William Weinstein to discuss Ramsey’s Collection Bully program?


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