Dave Ramsey’s Worst Nightmare

A Tennessee court has ordered Dave Ramsey to answer the State of Washington’s questions about Timeshare Exit Team.

For the past several months, Dave Ramsey has attempted to avoid questions about his endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team.

Ramsey’s efforts to avoid accountability have failed.

A Tennessee court has ordered Dave Ramsey to answer the State of Washington’s questions about his relationship with Reed Hein & Associates, a.k.a. “Timeshare Exit Team.”

Dave Ramsey efforts to avoid accountability have failed.

Dave Ramsey’s Excuses

In his attempt to avoid a deposition, Ramsey offered several arguments.

First, Ramsey argued that he had never personally endorsed Timeshare Exit Team. According to Ramsey, he had only promoted the endorsement of his company Ramsey Solutions. As his lawyer argued, “While Mr. Ramsey promoted the endorsements on [the Ramsey Solutions] website and online, he did so in his capacity as chief executive officer[.]”

Ramsey also argued that the person who is responsible for his endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team is an employee named Brian Mayfield. Ramsey’s lawyer argued that “Mr. Mayfield and his team are responsible for the content of the endorsement pieces that Mr. Ramsey promotes on the radio program or online.”

Finally, Ramsey argued that he is too busy and too important to answer the State’s questions. Ramsey’s lawyer argued that Ramsey shouldn’t be forced to endure the burden of a deposition because “Mr. Ramsey is responsible for the oversight and management of the entire [Ramsey Solutions] enterprise, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue and employs over 1,000 people.”

Dave Ramsey Is Ordered to Answer Questions

In a court order dated September 8, 2021, the Williamson County Circuit Court rejected each of Ramsey’s arguments.

The court rejected Ramsey’s argument that a chief executives has the right to avoid accountability by offering a scapegoat to testify in his place. After finding that Ramsey had personally met with Timeshare Exit Team owner Brandon Reed, the court concluded that the law gives the State of Washington the “right to discover what Mr. Ramsey truly knows about [Timeshare Exit Team’s] business practices.”

The court also rejected the argument that Ramsey is entitled to avoid testifying because he is too important. The court noted that the State had offered to schedule the deposition during a weekend or before or after work hours, and found that “Mr. Ramsey should be able to find time in his schedule for his deposition to be conducted.”

Dave Ramsey Claims to Be a Steward

In his book The Legacy Journey, Dave Ramsey describes the lesson that he claims to have learned from his 1988 bankruptcy. According to Ramsey, he came to learn that the proper response to personal wealth is one of gratitude and stewardship.

It is worth quoting Ramsey at length:

The spirit of gratitude says that wealth is from God and belongs to God. this is where I want to be and where I want to stay. . . . The spirit of gratitude knows that “the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.” Psalm 24:1.

Psalm 50:10 says that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. And guess what? He owns the hills too! He owns everything, and He asks you and me to manage it. It’s not ours. We’re just His managers. . . .

At its core, the spirit of gratitude says, God, I’m going to manage this wealth and this stuff Your way — because it’s Yours. Thank You for trusting me to manage it for You.

Dave Ramsey’s words are nice.

Timeshare Exit Team is part of Dave Ramsey’s legacy.

Dave Ramsey’s actions suggest that he will never accept accountability.

Ramsey resisted the State of Washington’s deposition at ever point. Ramsey refused to answer the State of Washington’s questions until a Tennessee court ordered him to do so.

Ramsey’s actions suggest that he plans to take the same hard-line approach to his ill-gotten gains. Unless and until a court orders him to do the right thing, Ramsey apparently plans to keep the money that he took from Timeshare Exit Team’s victims.

Dave Ramsey’s Failure of Stewardship

If Dave Ramsey were genuinely committed to the vision of stewardship that he describes in The Legacy Journey, he would acknowledge his wrongdoing and embark on the path of repentance.

Repentance would require that Ramsey do the following:

  • Testify truthfully and fulsomely during his upcoming deposition.
  • Publish the deposition transcript and video-recording.
  • Place the money he took from Timeshare Exit Team into a trust account, for distribution to the company’s victims.


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