More Lies From Reed Hein

Reed Hein has lied to the company’s customers since the day it was founded.

On November 11, 2021, Reed Hein sent a “confidential settlement communication” to all Reed customers who own Westgate timeshares.

Reed Hein claimed that Reed Hein’s settlement with Westgate had delivered a “timeshare exit” to those customers. Reed Hein claimed that the settlement agreement “fulfilled Reed Hein’s contractual obligations” to those customers.

Reed Hein was lying, and Reed Hein knew that it was lying. Watch the video below:

Supporting Evidence

To read Reed Hein’s November 11 “confidential settlement communication” to Westgate timeshare owners, click this link.

To read the firm’s letter to the “settlement administrator,” click this link. To read the response that the firm received, click this link.

To read the settlement agreement between Orange Lake Country Club and Reed Hein, click this link.

To read the arbitration awards finding that Reed Hein commits an unfair and deceptive trade practice by negotiating customer rights without the consent of the customer, click this link.

The first post on this blog was about the Orange Lake Country Club settlement. The blog includes several posts about the settlement agreement:


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